Cafe Hitch-hike


Recap, recoup

Ate way too much. Blew my budget. My morals on one occasion were compromised. Woke up drunk twice. Stayed up until an ungodly hour. I wouldn't do confession here because it was too close to the scene of the crime. Also, had a spat with an very changeable friend.

Well, with those credentials, some may say it added character for that while.

Then, I had a peaceful picnic and enjoyed nature. Saw some intriguing art, especially sculpture! My shallow knowledge of this region's history deepened. I talked to strangers and nearly all of them weren't trying to panhandle or pick me up. Got to dance to zydeco and the locals were impressed. The music was so enjoyable, and I saw a jazz wedding procession! People sure were friendly.

Oh, yeah, and then there was the opportunity. I will have a virtual meeting with the person who offered it because they don't live in my region. Once the dust settles, I'll see what it's about, think and talk things over, and make sure my delusions are in check.

One of the things I said in the communications was true: my mentors and established people in my profession have been encouraging me to move on. They see something that either was not clear to me, or their experience gives them a different perspective. Their words are what made me pay attention, along with other feelings and observations I've been having about the here and now.

It's off I go to my return to the usual. Maybe it won't be usual, is this a turning point? Now I wait for whatever lies in the road ahead.

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