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Left behind

I'm wearing a ring that Remy got me. I think of those pictures and little gifts he gave me. He was generous to begin with, but a part of me couldn't help but wonder if he left me those things so I'd remember him, that is, have an anchor to the memories and experiences with him.

I guess when the people you loved are gone, it makes one appreciate those who remain. I'm also thinking of others: my many parents, teachers, and yes, friends.

All we have of them is what they left in our lives, or left behind.

It makes me recall that the French and Spanish have a similar saying in their respective language. It literally means I miss you and I love you.

I remember writing that the photographs of me and Remy helped me remember him quite vividly after he died, but the things left behind still have their effect.

It softens my otherwise hard heart to think of these, and to think of times when it was easier for me to love.

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