Cafe Hitch-hike


Sleeper Team (Part 2)

Another reason for me to cry:

1. A researcher found the white paper report of a project I did back in 2012; I chaired the project and wrote the final report. She said it was awesome.

2. That researcher interviewed my boss and I about the project and the report.

3. The researcher described the awesome project in a chapter of her book that was just published last week.

4. I got a final version of the chapter. My name and ideas are all over that motherfucker!

In other words, someone else is acknowledging my work and saying, 'hey this is good stuff! Can I share this with others?'

This has been an unbelievably, dyno-supreme year in terms of my productivity, and I'm amazed. Yes, I'm crying, but it's because it's another sleeper team victory and these are happy tears again.

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