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What I would like

I found this amusing music video, and it played for me more than once these past 10 days... 'We out here' and the fox made more than one person in my house wonder and laugh a little.

I've been thinking about finding a new unit. My lease ends on December 31, so I decided to take a look-see at what may be available. I'd like to be on the ground level (although it means I'll give up my current view of sunsets over a patch of trees), and in a less populated area. I feel that too many people come and go in this little area where I live, and I'd would like something on a nice side street.

Wow, so I'm considering leaving the Cannabis Condo, my abode for the past 4 years? The fact that I stayed my ass in one place for that long is also quite the accomplishment! I was about to renew my lease, but when I did some budgeting, some things worked out in my favor (I can especially thank the side work for getting me there). I can spare a little more for rent! It feels a little weird to do it because I'm more inclined to hold on to the extra money, but... I think it's about time for me to leave this funky little unit. It is in a cool location and near the beach, but the neighborhood is very sensitive in many respects and I'm starting to prefer a different setting. I'd also like to have a big-girl kind of abode (lol) with a yard, patio, an extra bedroom and bath, and a neighborhood with less traffic.

It makes me think about having to upgrade something or other to either match the internal upgrade, or to have an upgrade to invite a steady one into my life. This happened to me back in 2010 when I left the apartment that I coined The Party House (oh God, no kidding) and headed to The Treehouse in my original fishing village (that unfortunately became Hipster Central and gentrified). I liked The Party House and a move meant I was about to pay a bit more rent, but The Treehouse was closer to work and was an overall upgrade in my surroundings... Did that lead to upgrades in other parts of my life? I would say so! Besides, it was a good time for me to leave The Party House neighborhood. About a week after I moved, someone got stabbed and died about a block away from where I had lived. It wasn't random since the victim and perpetrator knew each other, but still... I heard the complex went downhill shortly after I left.

The Halloween weekend was three-quarters of a bust with various plans not taking place. I really wanted to get in costume and head downtown for the big Halloween festival, and then I was going to catch up with my friend near Miami, but both plans went kaput. At least half of my plan with Joey actualized, and we had a nice brunch and hung out on Sunday. He's a warm and caring person, and how he expresses it is unusually comfortable to me. I also like the energy between us. We'll touch base towards the end of the week since he's out of town for a trade show with his younger brother.

Timmy called the evening after Joey left. We talked about our everyday things (a common topic of ours), then Timmy asked if things were getting serious with Joey. I said no and that we were dating. Timmy then asked about other things that I told him were none of his business. Knowing Tim, he probably wanted a comparison ('who's better--?'), but there is none. They are two different experiences of the same thing. Do I appreciate both? Um, very much so!

Joey was a surprise. We met when I was on my way to Texas to tend to family and Uncle Joe matters. Joey sat in the same aisle with me on my flight, which had a layover to his destination in New Orleans. I greeted him with, "good morning! We can say things like this to each other now that we're leaving South Florida." South Florida is not a particularly neighborly region, and I assumed he was here on business because he did not seem like a typical south Floridian. Joey and I had nice conversations throughout the flight which alternated with him tending to work or me reading or looking out the window. In the back of my mind, I wondered about his age (I guessed a little younger or a little older) and how he looked naked; I don't know, he had an interesting appearance and reminded me of Phillip Seymour Hoffman, so I kinda wondered!

I assumed Joey was a visitor, but he lived a couple of towns over from me and grew up in my neck of the woods. He did not have a wife or girlfriend (but a nasty divorce, yes), and asked if I wanted to meet again. I thought he was a cool person, we seemed to click and have a mutual attraction, so why not give myself the chance? If this is able to turn into something we are happy with, then all the better! Timmy's been knowing what I've been looking for, so it's fair for me to give myself a chance.

It's taken me too long to write this, I made and ate dinner too late, and it's getting close to what should be my bedtime. Here's to sweet dreams and other things I'd like to see in this life, and I'll send some to others while I'm at it!

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