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Taking another jump

I feel like I'm wearing a pair of roller skates, and I was just pushed down a very steep hill with some cracks and pebbles in the pavement.

Why should this be scary? I always did stuff like this when I was a kid. I was also a very clumsy child and usually donned stubbed toes, cuts, and bruises. I didn't break a bone until 17 (it was a minor fracture of my thumb) and it's beyond me how that happened. My point... I could recover from any nick or scratch on my body. A lot of my life and the decisions I made were also done with that spirit.

Oh damn, damn, DAMN!! I feel some apprehension about this upcoming purchase. Why didn't I just let those few dollars from Uncle Joe sit in savings indefinitely? Why did I just shrink-wrap myself to this job and region (bahahaha, or at least that's how I feel)? Why couldn't I just leave well enough alone?

Ho-boy, I can at least appreciate Senor Carlos, who has been my personal real estate agent pitbull. He's definitely been kicking ass beyond on the call of duty.

And, I can appreciate the lovely folk of the river valley financial institution that extended their service reach to my state and now will be financing the-- signing of my life away (slight exaggeration; more like signing some assets away). Cynthia, Jacqueline (the same name of Uncle's probation officer, except, well, she handles mortgages instead of convicts), and all the ladies there have been sweet as pie.

Here I go, taking another jump into the abyss of the unknown. I can add this to the 'unknowns' of college, moving, travel, and wherever else I can fling myself.

I really did take after the crazy-ass Army Airborne menfolk in on my paternal side who navigated or jumped out of small aircraft in the name of bravery, glory, recklessness, or adventure. (One of them, I later learned, received a Purple Heart). I have more in common with them than I thought.

Closing's at the end of this month. Please send hopes, sympathies, and money.

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