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I wait, I might

My little beastie made a nest of the blanket and is laying on her side on the pillow, blissfully sleeping. The sides of her ears are frosted with white. She's still perky, silly, and clever, but she also sleeps quite a bit. She doesn't greet me at the door when I come home. Usually I see her starting to stretch herself from her slumber... I love that little dog. She has been a great companion for these past 9 years. I don't know how many doggy years she has left, but that thought makes me appreciate her so much more.

I was curious about what happened to Al, a friend of mine from University of the Rust Belt State. We were connected on social media, and then he disappeared in 2016. It happened soon after I checked the "In a Relationship" box, so I wondered if maybe he was bothered by that. One of his friends connected with me, and I finally asked for an update on Al. It turns out that Al got married right around the time he got off social media. He never mentioned he was in a relationship, and I could see him wanting to do right by his marriage, so maybe he just decided to leave quietly.

I met Al in my first year of URBS. It took us just over a semester until we had the nerve to talk to each other. I asked him out and we had a very awkward conversation over coffee. I was convinced it bombed and that it would fade, but then he invited me for dinner and a visit to the planetarium. By the way things started at coffee, I would had never imagined I'd end up in his room and quit the URBS rowing crew the following morning. I also would not had never guessed that shortly afterwards, **clears throat**, I'd be the women who made him into a man (Al's words and not mine).

I felt a little soft when I heard he was married, and maybe a little jealous. I sat with that for a while and it quietly dissolved. When it did, I remembered that Al always had very high expectations of himself and people, and he was also very selective about the people he allowed into his life. I thought that if he finally got married, then this woman was probably very special and amazing if she got his heart. I quietly smiled about that. I imagined many good thoughts about how that may be going and I wished him very well. Al took some very tough hits throughout life, and I was so glad to hear he found someone.

I then remembered that I read his palm. I told him he'd meet someone a little later in life and she would have sons. Al's friend told me the woman has 2.

I wait for my stuff to sell. I might have to reduce the price of my sofa, and that's ok. I also wait for other things. My mortgage application survived the underwriters (kinda sounds like undertakers, hahah), but the clever property manager doesn't seem to do much in a timely manner because they need to complete some paperwork. I remember that when Carlos and I went to the PM's office, he put on a little charm and complimented the secretaries' appearances. I wasn't sure if they had their staff holiday party that day or if they always looked like they did. I guess Carlos tried his best to grease the wheels, and I also guessed the staff usually seemed lackadaisical.

Meanwhile, I'll pack and see what else I can let go.

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