Cafe Hitch-hike


More to come!

All is well. I didn't go mad. I didn't elope. I didn't get fired (as far as I know, bahahah). I didn't lose mi casa. No one died. I also didn't have any near-fatal interpersonal interactions as of late.

I did have to do a bit of some abridging with these-here pages.

I got a new TV because we thought my old one died, but it didn't. It is just as well because I can simply put that in the spare room so whoever stays in it (whether it's an AirBnB guest, a visiting scholar, guest, or gosh, a roommate) will have one.

I did kick Timmy to the curb. He was a really lousy beau. His looks, superficial charm, selective attention, and pecker just couldn't keep me put for too much longer. There's a little more to my decision than this, but the jist of it is a year was a good amount of time for 2 people to get to know each other and how they'd get on.

I am plotting a trip, and I feel just as weird about it as I had about buying my house. Yeah, feelings of unworthiness, shock, and 'what if--' creep in, but I think I'll man up, do one more check of the finances, and then take my leap of faith.

Ok, it's time to hustle home to mind the pup (who is still her happy, perky, goofy, and kind of bratty self). More to come!

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