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Getting used to wearing it

Fun stuff. The PMS (property management service) baloney has been resolved. Some paperwork that someone else was supposed to send didn't get sent. The PMSers didn't get what they needed until I sent it. I also didn't know I'd be prorated for my condo fees, but ok. At least they were swell enough to waive the late fee.

I am setting up at pet sitting service for Miss Marley/ Boogers/ Baby Puppy/ Puppy Dog for my weekend excursion. I'm actually very excited about visiting Bernardo and Dee-troit. I checked the weather and it's much cooler there. I've been here for so long that I forgot that I kinda live in a cultural and weather netherworld that's not much like the rest of the States.

Bernardo asked me what I wanted him to greet me with. It was always my wish for someone to greet me at the airport after a long trip (yeah, my wishes are simple). Someone waiting and ready for me to arrive. I said flowers, wine, and a hug will do. He said he is highly willing to help me properly celebrate my promotion. I still haven't done that.

I just hope things don't get weird and complicated right away between us. Sure, I can enjoy it and take it from there. I've advised him more than once that women like me come with a warning label. I've told him again and again that I had zero plans of uprooting for the short to mid-term, and that's just the way it goes for now.

Grandma Juanita Jane's funeral is Friday. My sis and her husband went to the hometown. I won't be in Michigan soon enough to be there for it. They will probably be there for the weekend, but it's a 2 1/2 hour drive from me and we already had plans. I don't know what the etiquette is for that, but I'm inclined to not go.

I ran into Timmy in a store. Once my instantly libidinous feelings were doused from my other feelings for him, I didn't want to talk to him although he wanted to. I wanted to keep walking but he motioned for me to stop. I did but it didn't feel right. I saw his public persona and sensed it would be too easy to get caught up in the same old shit. He never really cared about what was really happening in my life, and it felt futile. I figured he wanted to talk about why I didn't want to talk to or see him (and I didn't want to talk about it), but I had to get to an appointment for a pedicure. I excused myself, kept walking, and went for my stuff.

I'll just pretend to be a dude for this one by shrugging and saying, "I don't get his deal. Whatever."

Meanwhile, I get myself settled into mi casa. Miss Marley had no problem. She fully colonized the new sectional and recliner, and found some new hiding spots. I finally put more stuff on my walls and figured out how to arrange my compact dining area. Still need a new damn fridge. Two otters made their residence in the pond behind my building (they are sooooo cute!). This really is a change, and I feel it on many levels. Finally, it doesn't feel so chaotic and clumsy, like when I turned 16 years old; it was accompanied by a bad complexion, explosively enlarged breasts, and none of my clothes fitting. I finally got a facial scrub, properly fitted bra, and new clothes... now, I just need to get used wearing it.

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