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Be grateful yet for another adventure

I missed yesterday’s flight, so I try again now. At least I made it Charlotte, en route to Dee-troit and Prof. Bernardo. I used the extra night to touch up my hair color (to make it a little caramel like rather than flat dark brown). It just meant I got there 12 hours later.

I had excellent and unexpected news. I discovered I was vested in a pension plan and I was like OMFG. At this time, I’d get $100 a month like I expected, but what surprised me was they used my very first date of hire instead of the date I joined the plan. I was able to be grandfathered in to where it didn’t take 8 years to get vested, and it was 6 instead. Sweet indeed!

My emotional disregulation at work has kicked in again. We have to do some things because of an external review and my role was mentioned. I’ve been keeping my mouth shut for quite some time, doing what I’m told, and do my own thing, but a colleague told me it’s time for me to swing into action. I have so many thoughts of that, but I’ve said the same old crap about it year after year. Oh sure, I’d love to change it but it’s the same old same old and my side pieces are what keep me sane.

I might start another endeavor, but all that plagues me is self doubt. Basically, I might take the advice of an old friend who told me to get my own PhD. But, I want to make sure I do it for the right fucking reasons.

Ok, I finished my Stella and just learned about a place in Louisiana called No Man’s Land. Time to board, head to my former stomping grounds in da Motor City, and be thankful for yet another adventure.

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