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Visit home, part 1

Waiting in the airport of the pleasant river valley hometown’s regional airport. I missed my flight because I preferred to cuddle a bit longer, but luckily I was able to get the next flight out. As it turns out, my bro Deebo is scheduled to arrive in 30 minutes! He will be so surprised to see me at the gate!

Who was cuddled? This Canadian-Mexican guy I met not long ago. Conversation between us can be awkward but the physical chemistry (and its results) definitely make us both smile.

In more guy news, Jens Copperas, the exchange student from my senior year got in touch! I could not believe it! I couldn’t say much because of my current travel, but we agreed to meet when I visit Holland! I’d also get back in touch. OMG, OMG, OMG! I can’t believe that happened! I messaged him 3 years ago and didn’t get a reply, but said he saw my message only recently.

I said earlier I got wiggy over him, but the other part... we were good friends. We shared an interesting comfort level with each other in so many areas. Even my mom noticed. The memory that stands out is sitting in his living room, watching TV, and just joking about everything and sometimes not saying anything at all.

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