Cafe Hitch-hike


I finished one return, and then made another.

And then I thought... for someone who grew up in such an awful place, at least I've turned out better than that.

And swore to myself I never wanted to do anything near that to anyone... the chaos, victimization and all connected with those things.

Those are such big reasons I decided to be alone. Those are reasons I decided not to have children. Those, and the fear I could not protect them enough from what I know happens in this world and to those who are so vulnerable.

Chaos reigned supreme back in the hometown. I had to go back and see one more time. I returned, and at last I embraced the overall stability I made in my present, even if it feels wobbly in my head when on the outside, it was mostly all right.

I was called to return and I did.

Here, I finished one return, and then made another.

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