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Take it away

I am wearing my new rank of 'associate' very well. The promotion went in effect on July 1. I am most definitely donning it like a proudly (and hard-earned) tiara. All kinds of unknowns could happen with work, but I can always say I earned this.

Just as the famous Uncle Joe used to say, "you've got to work! You've got to earn it."

Just as my adored grad school adviser (Ol' Blue Eyes) said, " did it. You earned it all on your own It was not luck."

I'm building up some coffee courage before I proceed with my day. I feel like I've been preparing or arranging an awful lot lately. I got super-ambitious and cleaned out my outer storage closet, getting rid of the old paint and other odds and ends left by the previous owner or 2. I now actually have space and will use it to keep my outdoor stuff (and other thing I don't worry that will get mold or mildew, since it could just be washed off). Now, maybe I can finally do something with that spare bedroom! I'm so itching to put a futon in it and make it into my convertible office/ visiting lecturer space and get full utility out of that motherfucker.

My brother Deebo and our cousin/brother Drew are painters. I was thinking of hiring them to come down and I could show them around, and they can help me paint this space. Deebs offered, so I will definitely take him up on his offer. I like those guys, too. I miss them.

The trip, I'm sure, will get here faster than I can think about it (and my mind's normal speed is 70 mph anyhow). On the 4th of July, I spent my time making more plans and looking around for things to do. I already resolved I'm not going to do a mad dash in London or the Netherlands, so I found a few things I'm very interested in and wouldn't get to see or do around these parts. I am really excited about taking in the BBC Proms while I'm there because they will be playing some Tchaikovsky in one of them, and then they will be doing another one celebrating the 50th anniversary of the moon landing playing music for that time. If I'm not mistaken, I'll be in NL for that one, but I sure would had loved to see that.

I'm a wee bit apprehensive about seeing my friend Carlo. Like I said, I know it won't be the same and I know he's not in great shape, but I'm not sure if he's really bad (like knocking on St. Pete's door) or very weakened from his cancer treatments. I've had close friends in both states, and I guess all I can do is just take it how it comes. He was kind enough to help me let a space in his apartment building for visitors, but he won't be able to meet me at the airport or even the train station.

I don't know anything for sure (just like I didn't know anything for sure with Remy or Uncle Joe's things at the end of their lives), and it's always a bit different for each person. It also occurred to me that maybe Carlo is a member of that club. I sure hope I'm not some angel of death, but... at the same time, I know a lot of people and have befriended many who are older than me, so it's not too odd for this to happen. One thing I do remember very clearly was no matter what state they were in, it was important for them to have company, a companion, or people there at the end.

I'm also reading the preparations I'll need to do for the 3-day retreat I'll be taking in NL. It pretty much says I need to follow a completely additive-free diet for 3 days before and afterward. No caffeine, beer, processed foods, blah blah blah. I plan to do the aya ceremonies (wish me luck, I hope I don't lose my head any further) and will skip out on others if it gets too much. I haven't told many people about that at all. One friend looked at me like I was bat-shit crazy, while some of my spiritual or open-minded people thought it was cool. Heck, my sis Princ and my mentor said to tell them all about it!

I'm finishing the coffee and the air is getting warmer on the patio. Time to purchase a carry-on for my trip, look up come more information, arrange boarding for Puppy Dog, and... take it away!

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