Cafe Hitch-hike


Gentle City Rumblings

Buzzed off Prosecco after a salmon dinner and conversation with Carlo in my compact guest quarters in Primrose Hill. I can hear murmurings from the tellies in the building and an occasional word exchanged by neighbors, and it’s all right. London was almost as warm as South Florida and I had to grin with amusement. The Sahara’s heat really did follow me here.

Camden Town and market is an easy walk, and a block from me is a nice combo of neighborhood pubs, interior designers, assistants, and even a studio! I did not spend much time here back in 1999 and I’m glad to meet it’s acquaintance.

I’m seriously tired but had to say these few lines to say I made it across The Pond.

I feel like I’m visiting familiar friends after a long time. I think I can say that the time I was here 20 years ago was just one of those unique occurrences, so the point is not to repeat it but pick up where it was left off. There’s more to see and learn, on its own terms and also with my previous experiences.

I’d love to go see Camden Town by night or see the city lights from across the street at Primrose Hill, but I am beat, beat, beat... In go the earplugs and on come the eye mask, and I’ll let the screen less window blow in whatever it can of the wind and the gentle city rumblings....

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