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Baby went to Amsterdam, put a little money into traveling

This houseboat is so daddy (hahahah, and expression a friend used to describe something cool, with authority, and just on top of it all). The only thing is I will need is to make sure I don’t try walking much outside the boat after some coffee house goodies. It is in the central canal in Amsterdam, very close to the touristy area, Red Light District, and it’s famous coffee houses.

I was in the Dutch countryside for 3 days and 2 nights for my psychedelics retreat. Yes, it was totally legit and the hosts were very professional yet emphatic and trustworthy. They were aestheticians during the day and did these out of their farmhouse flanked by the North Sea on one side, a land dike, and then canals with maple, buckeye, and willow trees. They had chickens running around and a lovely boxer who loved on us. Sheep grazed on part of a dike next to a lock, and in the distance wind farms/ mills whirred. The road was only 1 lane with bike lanes on both sides. I saw many cyclists, motorcycles, and leisure weekend road cruisers on the road (in these parts, people tend to take public transport but take their cars out on weekend drives). I liked the place instantly.

The aya trip was like a long daydream. I did not see super dramatic anything like my death or me in utero, or anything I really didn’t know or think of already. It was another piecing together many things and it was with like-mined people, with the exception of Nicolas, the German stoner who was there with his partner.

I got many very beautiful messages while under. Things are not bad at all, but yes, I must let go of others’ garbage. Uncle Joe said not to cry any more about him and to be happy. I was strongly encouraged to consider going back to school or training.

I took cacao and truffles, and that was when I saw Uncle. Once I got that message, I slept like a baby. M the male host gently woke me up with a lullaby. I woke up 3 times with his soft blue eyes looking down on me, and I felt something very caring (yet very appropriate).

I didn’t know what I thought was my imagination was a whole lot more than that.

I felt drained by my arrival to England, but they also face interesting times with the new prime minister being selected the day I was there and Brexit dangling in their view. Um, yeah, we also had a heatwave for the first 5 days I was here. It was almost like being in Florida with a lot less air conditioning!

I spent time with Carlo which was also draining on many levels. All I can say about that is people choose what they choose, and he would be the first to say he never listened to anyone’s advice or counsel. I feel like a bit of a bitch, but I was right to choose to see him for 3 days. I know there’s been plenty of times I’ve been low energy, but his is a complex thing that has to do with choices, delusions (and a probable gambling addiction), and cancer treatments. I will still spend a day with him as planned, but he wanted more days. I’m not sure I could had done it without leaving wound up.

Also, I spent 3 days or less in every place I’ve visited. I could had seen a few other people, but I didn’t want to turn my trip into a mad dash and be a slave to an itinerary. Hell, even my high school crush is getting 2 days.

Ooh, speaking of. I had lovely lovely, lovely visions of Copperas while I was under, hahaha! The closer the day comes, the more excited it gets. Well, it’s to see my friend, but damn, he’s still fine after all of these years. I feel like a heckling, giggly teen, and hopefully the grown-up part has the helm for this one.

Ok... it’s time to secure some food. The houseboat has a kitchenette so I need to get enough for lunch and breakfasts. Stijn the host was kind enough to supply some beer and wine.

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