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46 Revolutions Around the Sun

It looks like I'm going to shed my hurricane virginity with Dorian. It's going to be a very powerful storm, Category 4, which is no joke. The models were so unpredictable that it seemed futile to evacuate, so decided to hunker down. Donnie the MassHole (his self-description and not mine) sent a couple of his boys to put up some plywood and are doing so as we speak; he didn't charge for the plywood and equipment but I had to pay for his boys' labor so his business partner wouldn't bitch. Apparently, Donnie has a thing for servicing the ladies with carpentry and then some.

I will be hunkering down. Got flashlights, batteries, bags of ice, non-perishable foods, cooking gas/ grill, tarp, basic carpentry tools if I have to do any emergency fixes. I also have enough alcohol and cannabis in the place to keep me amused if the power goes out for long.

The Jim Cantore jokes continue. For those outside the States, he's a famous weatherman who has a knack for being where the bad storms take place. They say his appearance is a more accurate and reliable predictor of bad weather than any storm model or weather service. He's been sighted in my region but far enough away for me to feel very comfortable. However, I wouldn't mind entertaining him while he informs everyone else, heh heh.

Oh, yeah... I forgot. I completed 46 revolutions around the Sun. This birthday was officially cancelled and will be rescheduled sometime in September. I got a nice bouquet of roses from a pal in Michigan, some cards, and lots of well-wishes! My co-worker took me out and I picked the cantina, the site of last year's birthday that involved too much tequila and a 27 year-old fitness model. We had some drinks and tacos, and some laughs.

I then came back home and made one aggressive batch of paella. It came out really well, and that's what I figured I'd be eating until at least the storm gets here. I thought I'd eat as much of the perishable food if our power goes out, and then move on to the canned goods.

Even if we don't get a big storm, we still have a month and a half of warm ocean and gulf waters, so I'll keep that in mind if I decided to hit myself for overpreparing. But, it's just that we can't predict this crap. Hurricanes also include tornadoes, heavy rain, storm surges, and wind inland.

Now the rumor is that the storm will head to the Carolinas instead. What a pity. I just paid Donnie's boys, too! Storms are always very unpredictable, so I guess I just have to sit tight. At least Donnie said he'd help me take down the plywood at no added cost.

So going back to my birthday... this year, a major storm came our way. Last year, Uncle was in bad shape. The year before, we also had a storm and Grandma Lina died. I was thinking about cancelling my birthday and permanently rescheduling it to April.

I can add another goofy maybe-visitor to my list. My nephew Kevie was supposed to come visit this month, but that never actualized. Now, Glen Campbell, one of the nutters from the hostel/ holiday camp in England, wants to visit. Yeah, I have room for him (in my bed and the spare, hahah), but I'll add that to the 'maybe-visitor' list instead.

I've been telepathically whispering to Copperas to come visit, but someone else was more inclined to act on that.

So it's a 46th year. I can be grateful. I just had a cool trip and things are actually all right. The trip wiped away my frustration with my job and the institution. I forgot about being underutilized in some ways, but overutilized in others. I forgot about how much I didn't trust my superiors. I also forgot about how scared or mistrustful I felt toward many of my co-workers. Amnesia is a beautiful thing.

It just became more firmly implanted that I really am in charge of my destiny. Yeah, I definitely need to be nurturing my own networks and continue to develop my own skills. No one in the building will ever help (for me or for anyone else). Also, while I was at the ayahuasca retreat, a question popped in my head and in my notebook, I wrote, "do I really belong there? I don't think I do." I've got to find something else I can do. But, I know how hard it can be to shift gears, change professions, bla bla blah. What would the economic impact be on me? Those are very real concerns. Do what you love and feel passionate about, and the money will follow. Yeah, sure. I know enough people who did just that and their nose is often underwater.

One of my distant relatives is a conference planner for a major corporation in our hometown. She is fabulous at what she does and loves it, but for the longest time, they only paid her a pittance. It's only been recently where they started paying her a more equitable wage, but my sis and I were thinking if she were in one of the big cities or in Houston, she's be in high demand and much better paid.

I'm looking at my own skills, and I often wonder where I can apply those and be paid a decent and steady wage (with bennies) where I don't have to sell my soul or body. What else can someone with great organizational skills, all right delegating and coordinating skills, eye for detail, hard working, and good at public speaking and training do? Other things I have going is they say I'm younger than I look with a nice vibe (most of the time, hahah).

It just makes me think of a friend who retired as a teacher and then had a firm that did consulting on student discipline and diversity training. Those were definitely her passions. Many of my colleagues are side working as consultants, including Bernardo.

Yeah, that damn building really does hose down the spirits of people. I would like to spend the rest of my career doing something that does not.

Ok, I will reassemble my living room now that Donnie's boys are gone. They left a little bit of an opening so I could go on the patio (and eventually come back to remove them without tearing up the screen, hahah). Since I won't be entertaining Jim Cantore and the storm is moving elsewhere, maybe he and the storm will head to the Carolinas instead (and they can give Prof. Felipe a 'hey' while they're there). But, I have a plan and plenty do keep myself occupied during this time of bad weather.

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