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Time together for a little while

Glen Campbell, one of the lads I met during my trip to Europe, says he may be visiting my way. I get all kinds of people tell me that. I won't make any plans until he sends me a flight itinerary. I laugh because it would be the furthest anyone has traveled to visit me (and I'm assuming he's coming this way to visit and not attain drugs to take them back and resell them where he lives). It's the thought that counts and amuses me.

My sis Princ also says she'd like to come visit for a weekend. Her hubby actually was willing to pay for the plane ticket here and told her not to worry about the kids or house stuff. I really hope she considers it. With my luck, she and Glen C. will buy their tickets at the same time, and that would be even more fun for me to entertain my best friend/sister and lovely lad from afar.

I got to exchange some messages with Copperas. I realized I missed him in a heartbroken, longing kind of way the first month after we parted, but after hearing from him, I then felt differently. I miss my friend, of course I do. It's not because I want us to be together. I miss his humor and wit, and how things just flow and feel natural when we talk. I miss those parts of his presence the most.

I'd much rather entertain him than Glen Campbell. I told Copperas that he was welcomed to visit, and added, "if you are alone, you can stay at my place. If you're with a girlfriend, I'd be glad to show you both around." Hahahah, but true. I suppose the same would apply if I came back to the Netherlands and was near his neck of the woods.

I think about the riddle I referred to when we parted. What did it all mean for us to see each other again and to still have a connection? To me, it was a lot of things, but the main thing was it brought me back to my heart, and it has stayed that way even though we aren't physically near each other. It just plain brought me back to my essence and reminded me of who and what I really was.

Then, this phrase seems more true than before: thank you for being a part of my journey, I said. It also feels more beautiful to me than when I first said this to him.

Then, I wished Joey a happy birthday. He was a highly ambitious guy I met last year who was in the thick of a complicated divorce. The short version is we liked each other and he was easy company, but the divorce AND his intense travel, work, and family obligations allowed us to see each other when our schedules were perfectly aligned. I knew there was too much going against having anything happen between us. But, I wished him a happy birthday anyhow and he said he wanted to see me when he came back from (and now I laugh) Hong Kong.

I sincerely doubt anything had changed in his life since we last parted. I'm sure the divorce is still in the works, he still lives at home with his wife and kids, and he's still busy trying to become not a 1-percenter but a .1 percenter. Well, whenever our schedules do coincide, I'll get a fine dinner, great drinks and conversation, and better private time until I get to say oh well again. I really did like the guy because he had a very warm heart, and it was something I saw in his eyes.

My mentor says although I look young and have a vivaciousness to me, I've been acting like an old lady lately. Ugh, I hate to say this, but he's right. But, I'm adulting full force. I just acquired a little place and trying to do updates when I can. I am transitioning in my job on multiple levels. Let's just say things are a little, uh... serious lately.

That's why I hope Glen Campbell or even my sister come for a visit. His lively and light-hearted spirit would be nice to lighten the serious mood. It would be nice to have that new life, that new energy come in for a little while for that breath of fresh air. And for my sister, well, just for us to have time together for a little while would mean so much to me.

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