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What next? Due to the development of a funeral being planned (and paid for), some other new developments followed.

Hooray. I get to visit the hometown after all. I'll leave Wednesday and arrive on Thursday sometime in 2 or 3 weeks. If things are timed correctly, I may be able to attend Arielle's cremation and/or pick up her ashes on my way up. But, that is a secondary concern; the ashes will make it up north, one way or another.

I'll be picking up my brothers Deebo and (cousin) Drew on the way up. We might put a white cross in front of the abandoned home where she was found. Then, we'll pick up Mom who got a cheap flight to Indianapolis (now hopefully rescheduled), and then head to the hometown. The funeral should be on Friday or Saturday-- in 2 to 3 weeks, I guess? Since this is part of a criminal investigation in a major US city, well, Ariel's DNA gets to wait its turn with all others getting processed for similar cases.

This past weekend, my brother thought it would be a great idea to visit friends in the Florida Panhandle to mourn our loss, and he now apparently is stranded there. I guess he went on the spur of the moment and didn't think too hard about how he could get back. He claims he can't scrape together the funds he needs to get back to Tampa. For some reason, I feel no sympathy for him, considering that bus travel is very inexpensive and I'm sure he has people can ask. If he thought of that before he went on his weekend bender, then maybe I'd feel differently.

The Family. We won't have long to be in the hometown because of our schedules (work, transportation, and otherwise), but long enough to be there for the funeral and to give Beads and Georges our support.On top of everything, it's getting to be quite the clusterfuck with trying to get people there. People are too broke to have their own means of getting back to the hometown. We can add a lot of hot, angry, confused, and sad emotions! We also can't have a prompt funeral for Ariel because we are waiting for the wheels of justice to revolve. I'm almost grateful for my jury duty summons tomorrow because at least I'll be kept in one place for a while.

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