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Let me cheer you

And while we grieve our loss, I was given a gentle reminder of admiration (and other feelings) when I crossed paths once again with the neighbor because our dogs sniffed each other.

My, oh my... something kicked in that pasted a grin on my face as his shepherd mix mingled with my miniature dachshund, and then we chatted. Thoughts and feelings about recent events faded while I savored looking into those green eyes. I wondered how that tanned skin and lean body (with a slight belly) would had looked or felt against mine. The memory of a former beau cheering me up after a family death (and how it moved the bed a few inches away from the wall) also entered my mind, except it was the neighbor. All of this took place while we cheerfully bantered about our dogs.

The neighbor didn't seem weirded out at all. He seemed a little happy to be talking and laughed a bit about his dog. While a reel played in my head of new possibilities and old memories, I smiled, nodded, and managed to say civil, yet friendly and intelligible things. Wow, I'm getting better at doing this, it seems, multi-tasking in my brain.

The dogs did one final circle of each other and their leashes got tangled. The neighbor and I moved together quite smoothly without saying anything and the leashes were easily untangled. We had another laugh once that was done. We bid each other a good evening and went to our buildings. I had to hold myself back from looking at him once we turned our own ways because-- I sensed something quite nice coming from his direction.

So we moved that well together? Oh boy! I've had theories on what makes 2 physically synchronous. Heheheh, I had a field day entertaining that thought after we departed.

I felt tired at the end of the day, once again, but I smiled as Puppy Dog snuggled against my leg and whispered my thanks to the neighbor. Thanks for that reprieve, thanks for that break. Thanks for giving me the little caffeine shot when it was needed so badly. Too bad we didn't move my bed, but I didn't complain. I smiled to myself, and softly fell asleep.

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