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Living space/ due things in due time

I finally finished painting the second/ spare bedroom. It's the same color as the other rooms, and the walls look very nice. I bought a used Ikea desk for it to get my office started, but once I got things situated, I wasn't happy with the desk. It was too large and very rickety, but that's just Ikea karma; I once sold a rickety desk and now I have one in return. I guess I can try to sell it.

Ugh, this means I'm going to have to find some furniture before I can even start an attempt to organize the room. If I can't organize the room, then it means it's not ready for a guest unless they like sleeping like they're in an attic. I'm not going to get it finished in time for guests anytime soon, but I really, really, really wanted to have a nice, comfy, and private place for them to sleep.

At least my unit isn't terrible for guests. I have a new sofa bed in the living room and it has a Sealy mattress (I bought the medium-quality one, hahah). The thing I need to remember is it's so cool to be able to see some people, and spend time with where you sleep under the same roof for a little while. Grown up sleepovers are a type of bonding, kind of like hanging out with cousins or people who have that kinship even if it's not through blood. I'd be glad to welcome some people in my space for visits. I feel like my place is inhabited enough and set up to do it.

I really wanted to get the bedroom furnished and ready to entertain before I got visitors. I got it painted and a lot of clutter out, but I'm at square one with furniture and figuring out how to organize my desk area (waaaaah). I guess this exercise helped me figure out what stuff is important based on what I still use (or don't) or found a storage area for it. If it's still in this makeshift attic, chances are it's ready for the Goodwill.

Timmy sent an e-mail to my work account. At first, I was tempted to send a terse reply: everything's all right, happy holidays. Take care. Then, I recalled he pulled the same stunt last year. At that time, I blocked him on just about everything (things remain that way now) but chose to respond. When we stopped seeing each other this past spring, I concluded that I had excellent reasons for blocking him in the first place and dared to think I should had honored my initial decision. With that in mind, I decided not to reply.

A call was transferred to my extension about 5 minutes later, and it was him. He was a mood where he sounded normal and cheerful (I never could figure out which version of him I would get whenever we interacted). I acknowledged that I saw his e-mail and also that I didn't reply. He acted surprised and asked why, and I told him I didn't want to talk to him. He asked me why, and I said he was a jerk. He gave me excuses about that, and I said he was a jerk before his excuses happened. The call didn't last much longer because I didn't let it.

I was annoyed as hell, but it didn't take long for me to remember that I felt a heavy energy leave my house when he wasn't around. Someone on my guy panel of advisors once gave me the lowdown on when when guys troll (or as the Irish say, when a guy is 'on the pull'). My advisor told me It wasn't directed specifically at me, they were casting bait to see who would bite. The holidays and his birthday are around the corner, he was either solo or getting bored with whoever he was seeing, and probably had to see what he can shake out of the tree.

I was watching a Hallmark movie, and Timmy could totally pass as either love interest in one of those (there's always 2, the bad guy is the hot rich dude who's a jerk and then there's a good guy who's sweet, kinda cute, and somewhat less hot than the bad guy and doesn't dress as slick). He does have both kinds of looks. In hindsight, we were clearly a case of where things should had stayed put in the "friends, zero benefits" category. But, I guess we had enough mutual attraction to take it as far as it could. I can't knock trying, so I'll just grin at the ticklish times, groan at the annoyances, and count the blessing that I can enjoy not being in a relationship like that anymore.

I'm so glad the house is feeling more like mine. Of course, my honey-do list exists and probably won't magically disappear (well, if some money walks my way that doesn't require my blood, soul, body, or will in return, that would help the list disappear, hahah). But, due things in due time, right? Right!

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