Cafe Hitch-hike


Level of insanity

Today's building report: it officially has an epidemic of learned helplessness. Maybe it's fatalism. Maybe it's failure to thrive. Or, maybe it is just the feeling that the place is actually one big condo for dementors.

Then again, after talking to a colleague from a different division, this lethargy and malaise that permeates my division is like a balmy spring day compared to the Category 3 hurricanes they get on a regular basis. The Grand Pubah hacked it apart 2 years ago and left very little guidance on its reimagining process (I hate that fucking 'R' word). It helped me embrace my division's level of insanity.

Last week, my mentor joked that if I stopped working here, I might not need to go to him anymore for therapy and coaching.

I've been living life a lot more than writing about it, and that's about it for now.

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