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My light, the light of others

At last, I send the souvenirs I got from going to The NFL Experience, way back when the Super Bowl visited this-here region. The glow and pomp of it is gone, along with celebrity parties every other block, cops in from all over the universe*, and visitors from everywhere. They really cleaned up the main throughfare between the airport and a couple of key tourist points. I accidently drove through its airport, and was amazed with the facelifts it received. It actually looked respectable for tourists, as opposed being to an airport of last resort.

(*Yeah, the Miami-area LE did a massive trainwreck of a job handling a recent robbery that turned into something Tarantino would had written, so they needed coppers who knew what to do if things went terribly wrong).

The souvenirs are going to my Texas family who are football and sports fans. Uncle Joe always had a thing for buying souvenirs from an official place.

Once again, it reminds me of the many postcards I sent over the years to my family and friends. I saw many that I sent to Grandma, and eventually my mom and Uncle Joe. When I saw the souvenirs, yes... I splurged and decided to do it again.

I feel like a 7-year old who drew a pretty picture for a grown-up whenever I send them out, and when I see they have them, it's like seeing them on display on their refrigerator or in their office. So, I do it again.

It reminds me there's still sunshine somewhere in there. There's still something that wants to shine, and to shine on others.

My mother called me the other night and told me how proud she and her siblings are of me. I believe it, I do believe it. I just need to sit with it, let it sink into me, let it sink so deeply that I don't forget. That it doesn't get pushed out by the many ways the world tries to remind us that we aren't enough, or by my own feelings or faulty perceptions.

I need to feel that my sun still shines, and there's people who can see, appreciate, and love its light, just as I do when I feel the light of others.

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