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Before and during the pandemic

When I think of the whole concept of social distancing, I recall that we've been doing that more and more since computers and the internet, and now mobile technologies, became mainstays in our homes. People don't drop in to see each other or just reach out and touch some one (via phone, as the old Bell Labs jingle used to go). We drop each other texts, and... frequently wait. We already had been avoiding each other. People within a home text each other rather than walk to where there are in the house and ask or talk about whatever it is they want to say.

We don't even connect directly. Social media is our intermediary. We post or share something, and people comment to that, not necessarily us. We've used technology to distance ourselves from each other for quite some time. I'm surprised people have reacted to the stay-home orders the way they did, but not so surprised. People still need people. Hell, I even feel some need to be around some people in my work building (or at least initially).

Work? I've been remarkably productive, and some intriguing projects came my way. One of them makes me laugh because it has to do with something I was working on for quite some time. Now, if my employer is awarded a particular grant, my task is to coordinate my building's participation in it.

Well, since this is a federal-level thing, I think all bets will be off with what the pandemic will do to tax revenues and the economy (um, ravage it, I suppose). However, in the case that it is awarded, hot dog!!

The Powers That Be have been very conservative about re-opening (I've been home since March 22), and we were told the building will probably not open for another 2 months. Once we return, we will probably have limited access to the public. I was going to order an air purifier for my office because our HVAC system is in dire straits and the air quality was already bad; with all the crap I've managed in the building over the years, COVID-19 isn't something else I'd want to handle.

Speaking of dire straits and building, I wonder how the building and its services will operate once we get back. We've been short-staffed for the past 2 years, and one of our essential departments was broken apart and still hasn't been reassembled. I attended a statewide meeting earlier this week, and after discussions I surmised that my building's services are woefully behind the times. Then, who knows how the hell our funding will go? Our shit's outdated, and we already were underfunded... hunky dory.

Go me, I'll work my amazing ability to do amazing things under trying circumstances. Here we are, working remotely, and I'm learning new things, meeting new colleagues via Zoom, and being quite productive. I'll give my lovingkindness to those who aren't so fortunate, and do count my blessings. So despite what is happening, I'll take the good with the bad, and just do the best I can.

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