Cafe Hitch-hike



Dear Person(s) Whose Name(s), Position(s), Setting, and Other Attributes Will Remain Unidentified:

Please stop pelting us with all the super suave, sexy, and innovative things that are going on elsewhere. You don't give us any motivation or incentive to do anything like these. You always shoot down our ideas and suggestions, or get extremely defensive. You don't listen to us, trust us, or believe in us, and hell, you've expressed multiple times that you dislike us. You barely speak to us like neighbors, let alone people.

As if the fake ass contrition from the other day wasn't enough, thank you so much for forwarding us more salt on the wound from your disrespect.

Since you tried to motivate us with innovations, here is ours to you. Take some courses in emotional intelligence. Get intensive therapy to deal with whatever is in your damn head. Take courses in interpersonal communication. Look for another place and relocate. Better yet, get on the next SpaceX rocket that launches and go find yourself a black hole. We don't wish you harm, but we sure wish you went to a planet or other celestial object far, far away. Maybe that will open the door for a rebirth to where we actually start to imagine growth, support, investment, and gosh, the super suave, sexy, and innovative things that others are doing that you seem to love rubbing in our faces.

(No closing salutation, just leave us already),

--Terse and Incensed

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