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Saturday at mi casita

Rafa's working on my personal laptop that had a hinge messed up 4 years ago. The fact that my laptop is 7 years old and highly functional is kind of funny, but I save all of my important files elsewhere, so maybe that's why. He said it's not bad at all, but just a little slow, but he gets all the glitzy, new stuff thanks to his employer.

It's just a chill Saturday at mi casita (the pool in my complex was closed, which stinks). He's working on promoting his friend's newly-released book on social media and has been taking online classes for writing. I'm checking off all the shit I've gotten accomplished in my house. I finally finished painting my bathrooms, so with that, the vast majority of my projects have been (**yodels**) completed! I could start thinking about major renovations, but I think I better hold on to any bit of dinero I have in case I'm furloughed or permanently let go. Nevertheless, it's good to visualize; maybe I'll actually be able to keep my job.

The beaches are closed here for the weekend. Yeppers, my wonderful state is one of the virus hotbeds (*insert political rant here*). Our healthcare system isn't stressed, at least; I guess the young people who've been the majority of new cases (under 35 year old set) don't need ICU yet.

I totally agree with one insightful DLander who said too many were acting like toddlers about precautions, never mind stay-home orders! Since when did respecting middle school-level science and the following of health recommendations become a political issue? I'm aghast at those people, to say the least. Please be assured that not all of Americans are like this; it's a critical mass that fucks it up for the rest of us who actually respect knowledge, civility, and our world neighbors.

I'm sure it's a matter of time before civility in public also becomes a political issue.

My relatives who live in south Texas received a text message from their county sheriff who smartly phrased the message that sheltering in place was recommended because their healthcare systems were very close to being overwhelmed. Two neighboring counties also made the same recommendations, and this made the national news today.

I'm familiar with the region because that's another root for my family. The cities aren't bad, but the rural areas have been compared to the impoverished Appalachian regions. Here's a little history clip: Lyndon Baines Johnson started out as a teacher and worked in south Texas, in the Rio Grande region, for a couple of years. He was so startled by its poverty that it largely inspired his civil rights and welfare platform. LBJ requested soap, toothpaste, and basic toiletries from his father who owned a general store so he could give them to his students and families who couldn't afford them. The area is still quite poor and is home to many migrant workers. I'm glad, at least, that the sheriff was willing to put out that message.

Gawd, sometimes my head is a bigger mess than usual when I'm alone and at home working during the week. I am at the heaviest I've ever been (my weight loss was pretty much pissed away), and being peri/menopausal and its hormone fluctuations don't help. I've been hormone's bitch for all of my reproductive life. I can't wait until that crap settles down, but it usually seems to be complete around 50 or 51. Hooray, I have almost 3 more years to go. I don't get hot flashes, but mood, bloating, and occasional fatigue are my pals. My libido also went to a land far, far away (but it's widely known that stress can snuff that for women).

Well, I do enjoy my new position with learning things I need to know and having the space to do it. The professional community is every engaged and interactive. I've been able to go to some online conferences, and they have been excellent! I then was totally buoyed when I got some news about a study I completed 3 years ago. I asked some cohorts through a listserv if it was too old to publish. I also introduced the topic, which had to do with women and people of color. They rooted me on to write an article about it, and 2 editors told me to consider submitting it to them. A couple of others gave me excellent advice and input. This level of interaction (and the collective wisdom shared) was just inspiring!

I put in a terrific amount of work in the study. The project started from an idea I got in 2012 thanks to the work I did with Dr. Charley, Dr. Felipe, and their students. I put in a whole year of work (in bits in pieces) before I got the necessary permissions to do the study. Once that happened, I accepted the job at Edgewhere College. Fast forward to 3 years later... I finally got to do the actual study and was surprised by its results. I planned on writing about it, but I then applied for promotion and then Uncle Joe died. I just lost steam. Now, if I can find the space, I'll work on it some more!

Rafa's done with the laptop, so I guess we need to get ready for our small, 4th of July gathering...

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