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Been good to me so far

In our bi-monthly meeting, my boss actually gave me permission to chill out with my workload. Yeah, I was busy and fulfilled my goals that I set for myself during remote working just when we were called back to work. So I can chill out? I followed her permission all right with enjoying Outlander rather than the shit I usually do.

After hearing clips of some of the speeches of this week's convention, I will completely lose my faith in my country if their candidate wins or manages to steal an election this year. Someone nicknamed our current head of state 'Caligula' and the further we go, the more fitting it seems.

I was already feeling a combination of frustration and resigned disgust when Donnie had to vent about his politics (beliefs we don't share at all). I simply asked him how he was feeling and then it all came out. He's actually quite easy to talk to. We have a nice mutual attraction and usually feel better during and after hanging out, but his rant dragged down the conversation and it had to be pulled up a few times.

I always like the sexy parts of our interactions, and although I enjoyed things this time, there was no final response on my end. As we laid on my bed slicked with a slight sweat, Donnie concluded, "ok, no talk about politics," and I readily agreed to that.

I had to drink kava last night as a pre-emptive hit against sleeplessness. Although I slept well, the damn dog was very restless and was up every other hour. I skipped showing up to work today and attempted some work at home. I cried when I put on dress slacks and thought about going in. Instead, I took a nap and slowly woke. I didn't want to go in to the building today. I had a long talk about all of this with my mentor, which I'm glad because I felt like we've glossed over work/ career matters for a long time. Well, I think more pressing things needed the attention, so maybe we can finally examine all of this. I know I give off a vibe that I don armor and carry a weapon (rightfully so, God knows I've had to fight enough in the building) and we talked about this.

Puppy Dog is doting on me because I just brought takeout. Tonight's menu: oxtail stew with red rice and beans, courtesy of a little Jamaican restaurant. I like a lot of the Caribbean cuisines. They're usually set in large sheds with picnic tables for outdoor dining, and always have a barrel-type grill next to them for smoking meats and grilling. The oxtail stew is my go-to, but I also like curried goat and chicken. I never really warmed up to jerk chicken unless it's straight off the grill. Miss Marley got some rice and beans and some of the fat, but naturally, she wants more. Now, she is grooming me while I type. I'll post pics soon, but she looks like Daisy Ray Dachshund in Australia.

My birthday is in a few days or so. I'll probably have a fine meal, go to a local beach, and just keep it low key. Hooray, so for this year, there's no tropical storms or family health crises that we can see in the near horizon. I'll be 47. I can't complain, but sometimes I still do, as the old song goes, and can add that life's been good to me so far.

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