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A song to be sung to us

Today's the 2nd anniversary of Uncle Joe's passing. I shared an amusing pic of him on the job while handling Bevo, the University of Texas at Austin's mascot. He looked less cocky than usual while he walked next to the longhorn and wrote on the back of the pic he sent me:

'The longhorn knows this photo would look better with his hook up my ass, hahahah."

I smiled when I saw the pic. He was in his hotel houseman uniform and he was angled oh-so carefully next to the longhorn. Uncle Joe spent time at the family ranch in Mexico in the 60s and 70s and worked with the farm animals, so that was how he knew how to handle bovines. Besides that, Uncle always had a way of turning everyday things into some kind of adventure.

I still can't believe it's been 2 years from today. I know it happened, but a part of me still can't touch it. Even as I dwell in my house, which was made entirely possible because of him, I still can't touch it. Even as I think about how he showed me another perspective of what elders or parents can do for their younger people, I still feel a blank. That-there is the power of grief. Maybe I numbed it.

Rest in peace,heaven, and power, Dear Uncle.

I look like Frankenstein, seriously. I got some cancerous cells removed from my forehead, and had to go back to be sure everything was removed. They put 2 quarter-inch slits along with a few stitches. I had to laugh, if it was closer to my hair line, they would had blended in because my hair is almost the same color.

I thought it was the Florida sun and my many hours of outdoor activities, but the doc said it probably was from skin damage from the first 25 years of my life. I thought I burned my forehead with a flat iron and then it didn't heal. When I finally went to get it looked at a month ago and after it went to a lab, it was the Big C on my skin. Now, I get to add another doctor appointment to my annuals to be sure it doesn't spread (or to nip it in the bud). My welcome to middle age is now complete.

I was so glad that Marley my pup healed from her back injury. She cannot jump up or down anymore (oh, and I let her have it if she tries), but she can walk much better and doesn't have the lameness in one of her back legs. She is cheerful and inquisitive as usual (kind of like her mommy) and stubborn (just like her mommy). I am so glad she made a recovery!! She can take walks, and the doc suggested increasing it by increments of 5 minutes a week and to cap it at 20 minutes.

I bought a little bed for her that's next to my desk she can relax while I work. I don't let her on the furniture unless I'm with her and she used to hop up on the spare room/ office futon, but not anymore. She nestles comfortably in her little doggy bed, or she hides under my desk during storms.

It feels strange for me to admit how much the dog taught me about how to feel more open to give and receive love and care. I feel a little weird that it had to be a dog to show me this rather than a person, but in some ways, I'm not so surprised. People have found comfort, companionship, and care with animals since forever, and animals don't have strings attached (except for their favorite treat, hahha). Maybe I'm like one of those people who needed animal therapy for that space to open.

It reminds me of my great-grandmother Carolina who bought an air conditioner. I heard she didn't like people towards the end of her life, but she liked cats and had a bunch. She got the AC because the cats got sick from the South Texas heat. My Grandma Lina also had multiple cats, and most of them had died off by the time she passed way 3 years ago.

In a funny bit of news, I posted a video on social media and my buddy Mel responded with a line from the song. We kind of sang back and forth to each other by adding a line of a song in our replies:

Mel: (his reply to my post) I've thought about you for a long long time
Me: (changing the lyrics) we all know I think too much, and it's easy to think something's wrong, and something here doesn't last too long. Maybe I shouldn't think of you as much 😎😆🎶
Mel: I'll come around and see u once in awhile or ever if I need your smile
Me: It's important to meee-eeee
That you know you are freeeeee-eeeeee
Cos I'd never want to make you change for meeeeeeeeeeeee

He then sent me Jefferson Starship's Run away, and it's my favorite song by them. I love the song's lyrics and the sentiment. Mel and I go a ways back (he ran an underground poker hall in my old town of Gulf Bluff and was a local mischief maker I befriended). I actually felt some affection in the song he sent. Ah, affection!

Why don't I pass it along? I think we can use a song to be sung to us...

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