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Whatever, wherever, and what

I had this nice, long entry about how the end of the work year was wrapped up. But, my personal laptop made a clumsy update and lost my draft. Instead, I'll make a list:

1. My coven met and had a raucous online gathering after we talked about the upcoming equinox and the current Saturn/ Jupiter conjunction. I guess the gals had plenty of steam to burn off and needed badly to laugh, drink, and be raunchy once the talk about energy and planets was over and the proper ones left. The highlight of the conversation were discussions of everyday or over-the-counter products that could be used for intimacy. I ended up buying one of the recommended products and had at least one other already in my possession.

2. An old friend visited town, and it was absolutely great. I hadn't seen this one in about 9 years except for e-mail and an occasional instant message. Once again, it was like sitting next to a nice campfire. We always had interesting timing in conversations and even movement, and that didn't change at all.

3. I had a meeting with a colleague, and we were able to talk a bit about Little Mishe/ Tweedle Dum. TD hated the colleague but not nearly as she hated as me, and it moved me that the colleague acknowledged that and gave me a little space to talk about it. We both were sorry and felt sympathy for her struggles, but accepted the relationships we had with her (and the fact that it really never did get better). It was one of those rare talks in the building that brought some peace and understanding where there was some internal discord.

4. We had a virtual holiday party which I attended with more openness than the usual preference to get poked in the eye with sharp stick. The group that organized it really tried to make it good with what they had, and for what it was worth, I contributed 2 recipes to the staff holiday cookbook and showed my dog with her cute reindeer antler hat for every one to see.

5. I had a meeting with Tweedle Dum's former sidekick. They were trying to push a big project on me, but at this meeting, it became clear that the sidekick accepted the outcome (that they would have to do the work, though I would do what I agreed to and had almost all of it completed). I expressed sympathy for the loss of her friend from the point of just being human.

6. Just as I was checking out for the remainder of the year, my friend CO the German hit me up on messenger, and we had a humorous chat. I made a pisco sour to celebrate surviving the damn year, and talked like friends meeting for a drink (which we kind of were, except we live 3,000 miles away from each other and did this virtually).

7. I'm off for 2 weeks! I plan to look out of the window for about 3 days straight, and will try not to feel too bewildered anticipating whatever mayhem will come our way in 2021, or wherever the universe will dispatch me (and what it will disrupt in the process). Just enjoy the now, I guess.

Destiny, destiny protect me from the world
Destiny, hold my hand protect me from the world
Here we are with our running and confusion
And I don't see no confusion anywhere

And if the world does turn
And if London burns
I'll be standing on the beach with my guitar...
... Anyone can play guitar
And they won't be a nothing anymore

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