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Happy holidays

I thought I'd spin some words before meeting my co-worker and their family for some miniature golf and a nice lunch.

My bro Deebo and cousins Drew and Julio will be joining me this Christmas. I was ready to settle into some Chinese food, movies, a puzzle, and maybe spend some time on the phone or whatever, but that will change. Deebo really wanted an actual holiday, he said. I didn't know that they all had skipped a lot of holidays, so, it looks like Big Sister here will be providing some of that! It doesn't bother me at all; I'm glad to have them here and I set things out yesterday like clean blankets and linens so I wouldn't have to scramble to get things settled. I bought a frozen lasagna and oven-cooked meals so I wouldn't have to spend too much time cooking. As much as I like to cook, doing that and entertaining was too much the last time they came. If I had one of my relatives here (or, even a partner, fancy that), it would be easier.

Drew will probably sleep in the spare room, and Deebo and Julio will decide who gets the air mattress or couch.

In lieu of the big dinner, we're going to grill out. It's going to be a bit too chilly to do it at the beach like we'd like (and with the expected wind, nooooo way!).

Holidays. I plan to quietly soothe my internal grief over the holidays. I'd like to just have a family holiday on our terms, too. It doesn't have to be perfect with the arrangements, china, or like a Hallmark holiday special; it just has to be ours and how we're comfy with it. So far, it looks like good food, laughs, conversation, a game of some sort and goofing off outside seem to be our thing. Our pets are also a big part (we all love our companion puppies and kitties). Movies, naps, and gentle jokes are also part of the deal.

They also want to see Miami again. I'll take them again, but it won't really be warm enough to go into the water. I'd take them to the Russian Turkish Spa (and this would be the perfect time of the year to go), but it would be weird to wear a mask in a sauna or its saltwater jacuzzi. I thought of maybe taking them to Remy's old haunts which were usually outdoors, so that may be a possibility.

Time to get ready for some goofy golf followed by a burger and fries. I can dig a holiday like this so far!

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