Cafe Hitch-hike


2021, in the building and otherwise?

This feels like me when a despised ex- tried to get in touch with me:

Another reminder because I'm American: I've never shot a double barreled rifle and wouldn't know where to begin. I'd also never shoot Felipe, but a warning shot or 2 or 3 might do with one of those close to his feet or better yet, a private part.

This is me with (1) today being the first day back in the building, (2) having to deal with clueless people (and the fact that ignorance is largely promoted here, and that people are terrified of making decisions on their own), and (3) a conversation with a very paranoid patron who's never done one very complex project, and the poor patron was also given some bad advice by an out-of-the-building colleague who's always been a serious dill besides.


Is it right to be already concerned about this year?

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