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The weekend workshop

I met Willow 4 years ago because she was a masseuse who also did energy work.
I couldn't really afford to see her often, but I always found the money when I seriously needed her service. She gave me some advice at that time; I followed it and it was extremely helpful with managing anxiety that was completely whipping my ass.

While digesting everything that happened over this past spring, I decided it was time to request her services again. We had lively chats and updates during the massage, and I felt that I was able to talk to her about so many things: Uncle Joe and Arielle's passings, possible work transitions and wishing for direction, and yes, processing what was between me and Huck. Because of her invitation, I signed up at the last minute to attend her weekend workshop about working with energy.

The timing was impeccable. There was a full moon this week, and our summer (in a weather-wise sense) just started. I also wanted some assistance and guidance with working with all the energy we've all experienced, and the stuff in my own life.

Hahah, while I sat in a corner of the retreat facility, I jokingly thought, 'here goes another one of my adventures!' Well, I'm still processing all that me and 11 other females took in. It's an adventure, for sure...'s like the work picks up where my psychedelic journeying left off. The work also integrated just about everything I've learned about energy work and intuition. The ladies (we had 2 girls in our group) all had varying levels of expertise with that stuff. Some did astrology, healing touch, shamanic journeying, and other kind of New Agey stuff, and most of them had wickedly sharp awareness of energies and intuition (most people would call that 'psychic' or intuitive). One was an MD, and at least 3 communicated with animals.

It didn't take me long to feel so appreciative to be in the presence of such women! Maybe I found a local coven or fellowship? The one I've been in is online, and the women are all over the world. The workshop wasn't limited to females, Willow assured. This one just so happened to turn out that way.

The other amusing part of the workshop was half of the attendees had Puerto Rican or Latino heritage (including myself). We also just so happened to be placed at a certain half of the room. Yes, the energies and what was expressed from that part of the room were definitely amplified!

The energy that was generated and channeled made me speechless. The ways of summoning and directing it wasn't difficult to me at all. The reasons for us doing what we did wasn't just for ourselves and whatever it was we wanted to actualize; we became more aware of a reciprocal exchange, and to channel that energy to the world, especially during these times, to help it in this huge transition.

I know this sounds a bit woo-woo and out there, but I'm just going to stick with the simply principle of energies which are very real. Some of the attendees really were into some things I thought were pretty out there, but we all had different understandings of the same energy behind it. The other thing about the workshop was it actually drew off empirical research and understandings of energy, and also integrated anthropology, mythology, psychology, and religion. It took some fairly academic stuff and applied it towards spiritual, energetic purposes, and it just blew my mind (but in a good way).

The workshop also put everything I've ever utilized in my own spiritual practice which also blew me away. Yes, I mean everything. I wanted to understand the energies better and my own abilities with them. At the end of my first psych. journeying weekend in Holland, I learned that what I thought was simply my active imagination was a whole lot more than that!

The workshop was 3 days long and took up most of this Memorial Day weekend. I decided to relax at home and add on to my altar at home; we created one at the workshop, and I had to change mine around. It turned out to be the focal point for the energetic work.

The workshop is actually a series, and I'll be attending others down the road. In the meantime, we've been encouraged to read what we can about the processes.

I had been wanting to meet others to talk about this and help with my understanding. I've been mostly solo with all of that with bits of guidance. In a way, I had been seeking a trustworthy mentor for all of that, or at least some sort of community. I hope this is one I've been able to find!

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