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No point in particular

It is snowing heavily and it is so pretty. It will be nice 'cause tomorrow, John and I will be walking in the woods. I like the look of when the snow settles on the tree branches after a heavy snow... Our favorite part of the walk is the grove of pine trees.

To adjust to changes in my biology and physiology, (hahah), I now have a new friend and I will call "her" Fran. "Fran." That's not nice, it's the name of my step-mother. Oh, well. It's not like I named it AFTER her!

I dreamed that my boss Lady Jane said that she & Big Boss had an important project, got money to do it, and they want to hire me full-time to do it. It filled me full of glee for her to tell me. However, can you say "WISHFUL THINKING"?

I also dreamed that John and I were on this special team of sabateurs. We were like the Ghostbusters of corporate sabatoge. I have no clue what my speciality was, but John's was computers and law (as it is in real life). John and I helped liberate the team when they got caught (he did his law thing, I did some talking and strategizing, weird).

So we were on the team and we'd go destroying evil plans by corporations (not all of their plans are evil, but some can be, eh?). Our sabateur team got intially pissed at us for dating and being romantically involved. Spangler from Ghostbusters (played by Harold Ramis) was the leader and he was about to have a talk with us. The team thought it would get in the way of our sabatoge. However, they eventually ignored it. They just figured if they wanted to get a hold of us off-assignment or at night, they could just contact either one of us to find the other.

I didn't tell him that one. I don't think he's counter-culture at all, and I don't know he political views. Well, hopefully it will give him a good laugh.

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