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A little fun with the things I've got

It was perfectly ok to stay home on this Saturday night. I was busy on Friday and then I have plans for Sunday. Before I did my Saturday errands, I ate at a fishing village breakfast spot. As much as I wanted to support local business, I cringed from the hair in my stuffed French toast and the smell of urine on the public sidewalk that went through the outdoor dining area.

The promotion portfolio was submitted. The process itself was so exhausting that I barely felt a sense of relief. I received a link that my colleagues also received so they can view my promotion portfolio and the 150-odd pages of documentation.

Just when it seemed I could breathe a sigh of relief... I was tapped to clean a mess made by someone outside of our building who applied for a federal grant. The whole process was so unprofessional and was presented to me under the guise of 'whatever you decide.' I was also told I had until 4:00 that day to decide.

Oh, that was fucking bullshit! I had this idea that I was going to respond with demands for compensation, but I talked with a few people and also noticed this was a strange repeat of something that happened in the past. Once I cooled off, I said all of the right words and framed my assent with thanks for the opportunity if the grant gets funded. My higher-ups probably sensed my true feelings on the whole arrangement (or maybe they didn't), but I faced the realities of my current situation, did the politically correct thing, and said I'd clean up someone else's fucking mess. There's also the chance the grant won't get funded, and all of this wouldn't be an issue.

Soon after that, I was able to have a little fun with my work. I wrote a really good proposal for funds so that my department could get web conferencing software; it really wasn't for a lot of money. The idea literally struck me on that same morning. It was something me and my department really wanted, and I could literally feel a flow when I wrote it. I had some fun with my English major skills by incorporating mocking use of Xanadu Tech buzzwords: promoting diversity; virtual environments; innovative and response service; and this proposal supports the mission and strategic plans by (chart provided).

The winsome Dr. Italo got in touch with me so I could be a guest lecturer for 2 sessions with this graduate students. Dr. Italo won't be there (he usually isn't), but thoughts of him still tickle me as much as the day we met. The second session will be on patents. I always felt like this session was rather lacking, so I taught myself more about them. It was nerdy as all getout, but I made great strides to improving these sessions. I am also still very appreciative of the connection I made with Dr. Italo because he opened a new chapter in my career (not to mention my love life, bahahaha).

Busy on Friday night... Timmy celebrated the beginning of his vacation, and I celebrated submitting my promotion portfolio (and perhaps the interesting clean-up I may have to do, and whatever that may lead to). He added some cannabis to the Cannabis Condo. Our talks turned to laughs. The laughs turned to some light playing, and then it led to-- something else.

We didn't say much about how we were feeling, but I felt something in the air and we kissed. We then held each other and didn't let go. I sighed as he held me and my head rested against his chest. I felt his warmth and breathed in his soft scent, and it all just felt so right. He got a bit excited for sure, but instead, we swayed to the music playing while we stood in my kitchen and didn't say a word. It was a moment we didn't expect, but I'd almost say we savored it. It was the best part of the night.

The best part of the night... I can go for more than a few nights like those. A few more of those, a few more colleagues like Dr, Italo, a few more sparks of ideas and learning, and fewer superiors who are imposing. It's like a sticker I once saw on the motorcycle helmet of Jesse (Remy's former best friend): All I want is a little more than what I can get. I can agree with that, yet can honestly add it's important to have a little fun with what you've got, even with the things you didn't want to have.

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