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In the hometown for thanksgiving

I watched the guy on stage back in 1999, right when I was finished with college. He serenaded 80s songs, and I remember he held out his hand and looked me in the face while he sang “On the Dark Side”. Yeah, he did that to others, too. I never thought I’d get to see Corey do it again in 2023, when I went back to the hometown.

The guy was thicker and lost most of his hair, but he still had that serenading stance. He still had his voice, and he and the band remained a pleasure to watch. I danced and jumped around with a bunch of people in a concert venue in my hometown, and it was a typically dry, chilly late November night in the midwest.

I hollered the lyrics to some songs, especially “Paradise City.”. That song reminded me of the stoner friends I had on the West Side of town, OMG, Guns and Roses was West Side all the way! I rolled, swayed, and jumped to the music… It was the same music as what I listened to in that very town 35 years ago.

I couldn’t believe I was back in the hometown. It was a very good visit though it was a 3-day blitz (and it was all I really needed or wanted). I didn’t get flooded with memories, even with the band I got to see. I just felt its essence while my body and mind were in 2023.

I met my sister Big Momma’s precious grandbabies. One of her daughters had 3 and they look identical but of different sizes, including a little 1 year old! I got to spend time with her son who just finished treatment for Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, and also other nieces and nephews. We had a really nice thanksgiving together. One of my nieces later posted, “Have your own family, make your own holidays, and break generational curses.” I think more than one of us shared that thought.

I didn’t really feel sad about much of anything, and I didn’t reminisce.

There was just too many different things to savor in the moment while I was in the hometown for thanksgiving. I was most grateful for all of that.

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