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I'm still standing

I had an exhausting week.

I'm still standing.

I didn't even have to hustle myself like a giggolo for the interview. All I needed to do was explain what the hell I do as assistant librarian in the university library.

The librarians tilted their heads and leaned forward when I told them. What the fuck? was on some of their faces.

After I was done explaining, I even felt surprised. I do everything. Big Boss and Lady Jane get tons of mileage out of my ass. If I were their car, I'd be a 2003 Honda Civic with 90,000 miles.

My Joe Paterno story went well. They were super-impressed. I concluded that story with: "I'm not sure I can quite be--(the audience laughs, they knew what I was going to say)--quite as prolific as Paterno, but I'd like to use his outreach as an example of how to promote something and how it really added to the students' experience at Penn State."


I was up 'til 2:30 the night before working on my presentation. To show how how much my boyfriend roo-ulls, he loaned me his office (which wasn't far from the college where I interviewed) so I could to do all of this. At 1:30 AM, he drove to the nearby Tim Horton's and got me a big-ass cup of coffee.

I've got to climb this mountain of work and do my other duties besides.

Love yahs,

The Great Hitch-Hike

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