Cafe Hitch-hike


Alexa, play that station

He wanted to sit in the sofa for a bit. I felt heat elevate between the both of us, just about everywhere; I'm still amazed by that energy between us and how easily we got it. It didn't take long before we both needed more space. We experienced some occasions where we couldn't keep our hands off each other, so this was one of those times, and we seemed surprised but at the same time, it all felt so right.

As I took him to my bedroom, I said outloud, "Alexa, play Bebel Gilberto station."

One of her soft samba songs played.

"It's Jill-berto," he corrected while we were on our way.

I then was amused by the move. I said outloud, 'computer, play some sensuous music because I want to seduce this one!" It was also funny how technology was used for seduction, and we must had thought the same thing because we softly laughed when we entered my bedroom.

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