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Mutiny & 30 min. to go

I am staging a quiet mutiny on my collection development (aka choosing and ordering books, videos, and other stuff for the library). My eyes are gonna glaze over any minutes now, my attention span is dangerously low. Hence, I retreat in the mindless, self-indulgent territory of Diaryland (as it has those capacities)...

How to drive chicks wild

I was given a book-ordering catalog and a title went something like "Men's guide to whole-body sex." It's in the area I have to select (along with books on sociology, political theory, military theory, and self-help... "The Dewey 300s area" for those in the library world). I was intrigued, and looked in the library catalog to see how many materials we had on that topic. Two. A grand total of 2. Now for women, we have say 50. For couples, about 15. We even carry 3 versions of the Kama Sutra. But sex guides for men, 2.

So my next question in my inquiry was, "how many times does this get checked out?" Canadian Jane and I smirked, "oh, how about ZERO???" and busted out laughing. Men don't care about that because they already think they have the answers, right?

I checked its circulation statistics. Book number one has on average been checked out twice a month since it got in our library.

Book number two has been checked out also twice a month since it got into our library. Most books don't enjoy that popularity! Canadian J. and I were amazed, humbled, and yet, still cracking up! Since the demand for these types of books seem fairly robust, I ordered "Whole-body sex for men."

After work

I can't wait to go home and make my breaded baked chicken and redskin rosemary potatoes.

A 30 year-old with braces

My mouth is in pain 'cause the ortho put a heavier wire on my top teeth. He is trying to move them forward, giving me a larger roof of my mouth. I guess he's a natural kind of ortho because my co-worker's ortho gives her all kinds of drugs and mine hasn't given me any (but suggested Tylenol).

My alignment for my top teeth have improved phenomenally. I had teeth from hell... They were big, and a couple of teeth next to my 2 front teeth were sunken back, and then the canines next to them were huge like vampire teeth (ugh, not a pretty sight). The bottom front teeth were crunched together. Now, my teeth are in a nice, neat row. My 2 front teeth are still kinda prominent, but I see that is slowly disappearing as the rest of the teeth are moved forward.

Goodness, I was afraid for a while there he would make me wear a headgear!

So, this is the result of $2,200 (so far, with $700 to go) and lots of pain... Trust me, it's been worth it!

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