Cafe Hitch-hike


I think I can stop bridging the damn differences already.

At least I know in my heart that some of Rafa's bigger observations about the relationship were not true.

I made some very big changes in my life well before I met him and was able to keep them going! I was also very willing to change to make things work between us!

According to him, everything that went wrong was my fault. It would be easy for him to say that because then it wouldn't put any of the responsibility on him.

I wouldn't really expect him to do that. Going by the way he managed many of his life matters, it wasn't a surprise that he couldn't own up to what went wrong in the relationship.

I just need to accept that we will part with these differences in perception and leave it as that. There is nothing I can do about this, and God knows I stretched myself enough to bridge the damn differences in this relationship. I think I can stop right about now.

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