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Those sweet exchanges

Listening to Nina Simone singing I shall be released.

The outing with Timmy was wunderbar. It's interesting how easy we were able to connect and talk about anything. Um, yeah, I definitely enjoyed connecting with that incredible body, too. I haven't seen anything quite like that since-- the last time! The other part of that was... I talked to him about some really personal things that had been on my mind. I got rather emotional; I swore that ruined the nice night and he probably thought I was batshit crazy, but he told me I was not. He even called 3 days later to assure me.

The short explanation of Timmy is he also thinks I'm amazing, but he likes his freedom. Something doesn't quite register between us and we both notice it. We decided we won't force anything, but at this time, simply enjoy each other's company and our own space.

I wrote one time, long ago, about someone I knew from wayback in Michigan. We used to go to the same bar on weekends. We liked the same restaurant. I inquired about an apartment across the street from where he worked. We usually got groceries at the same store on Friday nights. We crossed paths multiple times, but perhaps a bit too early or a bit too late, and we finally met at a fellowship.

When I thought about it years later, I sensed maybe we were meant to meet each other even though it was for a little while. We offered each other something that was needed. We gave each other the courage to step forward despite the loss in our respective lives. It was painful as fuck and I'd rather not go through something like that again, but... I dig the hard-earned souvenir.

Then, I dreamed about someone else I knew. I always thought something about him lit me up, and he had a light that showed me things I could not so clearly see for myself. When I dreamed about him the other night, I stood with him in the dark behind his house, and none of the lights were on. The water behind the house was shimmering and the nearby houses had a soft light to them. I assumed the moon was out, but I didn't see it anywhere.

I then looked at my hand and noticed something odd. It was glowing and so was my arm. I looked at my chest and body, and they also glowed. I looked his way and was speechless. He knew my question, hesitated, and then nodded. The light came from me.

It was the first time I ever thought that perhaps I brought him something similar. Maybe we bought a light to each other, and he liked mine and got as much from it that I did with his. Anyhow, that's also in the past, but it felt sweet to remember those soulful exchanges.

Ok, I've been procrastinating from that sidework with the nursing prof. Boy, she's a tough one, but I enjoy standing in the glow of her expertise. It's like, 'wow, I'm working with someone who's got her professional ducks in order! I'm digging this!' It certainly is a breath of fresh air! So, it's back I go to editing her publication information...

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