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Scenes from a li’barian convention

Woke up still drunk.

Got to see some very good presenters.

At 4:00, my attention was shot and I walked out of a presentation. As I headed to a dinner held by a vendor, some energy drink girls gave me their wares and it revived me.

I went to see a sales rep to get some free food and had to listen to him do his spiel.

I saw him again at aforementioned dinner, and he hung out with me and Ali. He looked fine and we had nice chemistry, but he was really cool besides and we were being silly.

I took some funny pics of Ali on Rue Bourbon and sent them to her hubby joking that she was being held for random. I then sent a second text: “ransom, not random!”

I got some girl’s phone number. It isn’t the first time this happened to me in New Orleans, hahahah!

I attended a seminar on doctoral programs in my field. I thought for sure that fellowships were extinct, but apparently not. Hmmmm... do I wish to enter the dark side?

I made a wish I here in 2011 and it came true, but not quite in the way I expected. I wondered if I could transfer the wish, hahahah! Well, I decided to own it as it appeared to me, smiled, and will let it carry me through life.

The heat? This is so similar to my region. It’s worse south of where I live.

Tomorrow... my presentation! Woo hoo!

Now, I slumber with a smile. I so needed this so far.

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