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Woowoo Tour 2018

I am so calling this trip Hitch-hike’s WooWoo Tour 2018. I can’t give the details yet, and I will soon be mulling over things, but an incredible offer just about walked up to me and bit me in the ass.

I got the message this morning and my mouth just hung open. I was speechless. One of the things I always dreamed of is being offered to me, one of the things I was sure I could do but thought, ‘oh, sure, that would be nice but it will happen in a different lifetime.’

The way it came to me makes perfect sense but it was also serendipity. However, I need to really look at this and what it will take. Basically, it would involve some significant changes in my life and some sacrifice, but I can feel it in my bones that I can do it! I will also need to ask myself some hard questions and look at what I’d be leaving behind. I would also need to be crystal-clear on boundaries in some matters. I will need to have a meeting soon to really see what is really what.

In a way, I asked for this. I really did. I guess sometimes lightening can strike in the same place twice, and... the sleeper team has a sound and well-earned victory in a tournament (except then I’ll continue moving further along).

I am still digesting this. I don’t know who to call first. I have some amazing people I can ask about this because they had been in similar situations, but I still can’t believe it!

Woowoo Tour? Damn skippy, darn tootin’, and hell yeah.

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