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Fear&Loathing@the Municipality Library

I am sicker than a cow right about now with a nasty cold. My neck's about the width of my waist with the 'nodes trying to fight off whatever infection it's trying to fight off.

I couldn't download my Yahoo mail on this slow-ass municipality library computer. Sorry, maybe we can talk instead, Flav.

My PC is still dead, I got it fixed but it soon died after loading Norton AntiVirus. I thought about fixing it up once again and to give it to sis A2 who doesn't have a computer. Forget it, I thought. Something that breaks twice within a week probably isn't worth fixing. So, Dell's gonna be plenty happy to hear from me!!

I will soon have a part-time job at a public library, conditional upon the results of the physical and drug test I took last week. It means I couldn't go do my crystal meth as usual (haha, just kidding). Now I will be working a solid 40 hours a week! Hooray!!

I always get sick around this time of the year. Thanksgiving is soon, so I will be going back to the hometown to see what's sticking. I just thought about it... the craziest relatives are pretty much gone. My mom, LA the Wild Child (sis), Uncle Joe (love affair with the bottle), and the squatters Aunt & Uncle Jerk are no longer around. I never thought life would be better if certain people left, haha, but it could be true.

I have to go pay a visit with the MO family, my sis PC's relatives. The rumor is that she and Spouse will be there. Hmmm, wow, we hadn't talked since January! It will be awkward to see her again 'cause we talked about some pretty heavy shit while she was separated.

The reason why we don't talk is because she didn't like some advice she asked for... Well, the advice was on an an adult problem, so I gave her an adult answer, along with the usual nuances of being responsible, thinking things through, stuff she's not too capable of doing. So what was I gonna do? Feed her with something that wasn't true? So anyway, I'll probably see her briefly and then go spend time with my family. I'm not too worried about her Spouse asking me anything because he never talks anyhow.

Well, I came to the library to get something to occupy my time the old fashioned way. Reading a couple of books, renting a video or two. Stuff I have to do in the house without a PC, hahah!!

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