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Tell me!

GOD! I wish that library I interviewed with not too far would make up their mind and tell me they want me! *Stews***

The library folks in Florida called Big Boss for a reference the day after I phone interviewed with them. I sighed. Further proof that I will get that job instead of the one near by. Further indication that I must move on. Further proof that my karmic purpose in this life is to wander like Kane from Kung Fu Theater or Juliet Binoche in Chocolat. Further proof that I must continue going with my going and moving on.

And then, the library folks I interviewed with last week wrote Lady Jane a letter of thanks for the letter of reference she gave them. I wrote them a letter of thanks last week...

Lala tries to tell me that I should consider the Florida job (if offered) since having a regular job would bring a lot more stability to my life. John's cool and all, but I don't imagine him proposing anything for a while. That doesn't bother me, I like what we have. Lala's point is that I shouldn't put my life on hold waiting for him.

Yeah, that's a tough call. There are no guarantees in love, but there aren't tons of guarantees in the world of work, either. I've seen plenty of both.

I guess it all boils down to the questions: what is it that will make me happy? What feeling am I getting in my gut?

My gut feeling says I should move on if I have the chance, then it says, 'but John makes you happy.' He does, but not in every single area of my life. I guess it's in the parts that are most important.

And what if I acutally get offered the job with the local univ.lib? Ah-hahahahah!!! No way, man! It would be too easy!

Hahah, on the flip side, I've attained some steep accomplishments. Ah-hahaha!!

I just don't know.

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