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Librarians in lust

On a lighter note, I was talking to Julio the univ.lib human resources guru. She was telling me that she was going to W___ to see her daughter. Well, my former co-worker Treebuilt just accepted a job in that city. It was the same town where I interviwed for job last fall. Julio, who's pretty chatty, exclaimed, "oh! I'll call her when I go! We can have dinner! What a great idea!"

Later in the conversation, I told Julio that I interviewed for a job in the same town where Treebuilt just moved. I then told her I had the ticklish pleasure of meeting Timmy, a librarian who had a crush on me and was also on the selection committee (I left out the first part).

"Hmmm," I said, "I know Treebuilt's single and looking, and I think Timmy is, too. They're about the same age."

"Wow, I think I'll call Timmy," exclaimed Julio. She's sort of like Rose Nylen from Golden Girls. "Yeah, yeah. Maybe they can meet!" Yeah, Julio would get quite the pleasure of playing match-maker.

I had to report to Julio today to give her some paperwork. She told me that she met with Timmy and Tree and had them sit next to each other. She said they were both quiet (they usually were), but they managed to exchange numbers.

Cha-ching! Hahaha!! I was cracking up thinking about hooking up Tree with Timmy! Well, they live in neighboring apartment complexes, according to Julio. They are in the same profession, both single, and the same age. They are both intellectual and quirky (oops, most librarians are). Why not? It would be cool if they did go out some more.

Julio gave me a report of the evening, but added a twist.

"Timmy gave me 3 of his business cards. Here's one for you!" she hands me one. "Oh, wait, here's one with his home phone and cell on it. Why don't I give you this one?"

"Oh, no thanks! I'm seeing someone," I said.

"Well, just keep in touch, I guess. He's a cool guy," said Julio.

I left her office snickering. It's nice to know I've still got it in some shape or form!

Cha-ching, hahahah!!


Speaking of my previous entry, the thought of moving on can be a terribly emotional issue for me. Just because I'm not too old, married, or with kids doesn't mean I'm super pliable and can just be plunked any place, anywhere, or anytime. I'd like to think I'm entitled to the human need of stability, despite anything that has happened or I may had done in my past.

I talked it over with John, and he said he would never make me do anything I didn't want to do.

"Oh really? What about all that talk that I could do better elsewhere? If I told you about this job, you'd only insist that I'd take it!" I said.

He told me that I don't have to accept anything that is offered to me; only I know what is good for me.

A few years back, after finishing my undergrad. education and internship, my sister heavily pressed me to move to Atlanta with her. I never went because I never got a great feeling about moving down there. Even after a while, when I decided I would, something sprang up. I found a new job and I signed a lease to an apartment, and I decided I wanted to try these things for size.

Eventually, I found other reasons I never went. I admitted to my buddy Steve: "Up here I have everybody. I have a few good friends, I have my places I like to go, my hobbies, I have you. It doesn't sound like much, but if I go down to Atlanta, I won't have any support and I'd have to start over! My sister and her husband don't understand me and they won't help. I'm not sure how I can handle a move in my (then-fragile) state."

So the same applies here. I reserve the right to not move if I don't want to.


So, I had the phone interview with the out-of-state library and my prognosis? Lukewarm, very lukewarm. I had some of the expertise they wanted, but rather underdeveloped in some areas. I don't think I'll get a callback.

It hardly matters, I don't want to move, right? Well, it's just to tell the jerks here that I need to move on that it's hard enough!

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