Cafe Hitch-hike


Rock on, Jamil!

Another univ.library assistant I used to work with found a job, and Tuesday is going to be her last day. I won't be here to see her off, so I decided to whip up MS Publisher and made her a card.

Jamil always had a sense of humor; I can't remember anyone else I laughed with more on this job. Somewhere along the way, in the 2 years we've worked together, she developed an obsession with David Lee Roth. I used to tease her when he came to Michigan and said we should arrange a caravan to see him.

On the cover, I found this picture and inserted a bubble caption: "Jamil found a job?? Like, WHOA!" Inside the card, I found this picture and then got one of Sammy Hagar. I wrote: "We'll be singing your praises! Congrats!"

So, she's gonna be on her merry way...

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