Cafe Hitch-hike


Message from my cousin

Then, my cousin wrote this beautiful message:

I remember the exact day when I surrendered to the Light, to the unknown. It wasn’t that long ago. Commonly in the flow of the energies surrounding me and “thinking” I was aware, it look a long time to actually trust in the process, to realize it was me creating the blockages and keeping what I wanted at arms length.

When you put your full faith in Spirit, Universal Consciousness, God, whatever or whoever you want to call it...and appreciate the unknown, even having gratitude for the disappointment because you trust it’s a lesson you will gain from, wipe away the worry, the wonder, the doubt, the insecurity, judgement, even just for a moment, you can actually “feel” how bright your light shines.

The thick brick fortress I built up around my heart from past circumstances, is now merely a tipi. Protected yet always with the door open, a softness but with strength to the structure, a wide and firm foundation with a focused opening up to the stars above.

And that’s where my answers were all along. I put them high up in the sky, just out of reach so I kept seeking and gravitating toward the Light until I realized it was the same thing I’m made of. I didn’t have to reach far at all...It’s what was protected and hidden by that fortress I created in my head.

So much gratitude for my friends, family, mentors, guides, and the angels I now know truly exist who led me down this path. It’s such a beautiful place! 🙏🏼 💖 💫
My heart is cracked open, bleeding love and my body has been cracked open, (literally, ribs are on the mend!) to shine light!

I’m on a crusade of sharing love, light, life, smiles, health, and wellness and I have faith more and more of us will come together until THIS IS the dominating force that exists in our world.

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