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Items of both leisure and business travel

This packing is so fun! The convention is 3 days away, but I already know time will fly. My evenings are spoken for between now and then, so I thought I'd get crackin' with packin'. Now, I'm done for the night and am enjoying the patio of the Cannabis Condo. The evening was so pleasant that I had the windows open for most of the evening (but I can't do that overnight... it will get humid and yeck).

Once again, I'll be using the suitcase with wheels that Grandma Lina gave me. During one of her visits, someone got her new Samsonite luggage, so she offered me a black, carry-on suitcase with a red outline of the Eiffel Tower. It's gone almost everywhere I've been! Now, the suitcase and the spirit of Grandma Lina gets to accompany me for the upcoming conference.

All my clothes were laid flat on my bed so I could see how they would look. Professional enough, yes. I decided to wear a dress for my presentation rather than a bulky suit. Puppy Dog happily watched me pack, and sniffed or laid on some of the outfits to make sure they properly smelled like dog or had some of her hair.

Ok, I understand the weather will be like stepping into a steam bath/kiln combo, so I brought layers to have outdoor and indoor clothes. Then, a Xanadu Tech unit gave my department some purse-sized umbrellas, which I will use because the place is rainy. As much as I'd love to wear my cute shoes with heels or ballet flats, memories of blisters and sore feet stay with me from one such conference 2 years ago. I tend to walk a lot at conferences for the exercise.

Aside from the necessities, I packed other items of both leisure and business travel. I brought two bottles of lotion potion (Flor de Cana rum in one and a no-name vodka in another). Considering that another trip may be in my very near future, I don't want to spend too much. Other items include:

  • Basic nail care: clippers, nail file, and orange stick. I've gotten so irritated when I broke nails on trips and couldn't fix them!

  • Basic medical cabinet: a couple of doses of meds for headache, stomach ache, respiratory ailments, and insomnia (usually from the excitement, or in case it's hard for me to sleep in a new place). I'll bring a couple of band-aids and maybe a sewing kit with safety pins for wardrobe malfunctions.

  • The usual bathing and washing things, except in travel-sized tubes.

  • Other items of leisure: clove cigarettes with lighter (I sometimes like to smoke when I feel festive, or can offer people a light). Condoms (whoever I saw usually had their own, but they're still good to have), and pepper spray (which I hope I don't have any reasons to use).
  • Then, of course, will be the needed electronics with their charging devices, some maps of the city saved to memory on my phone, and earbuds. I usually put on some music, insert the earbuds, and doze off in the plane. I always bring an eye mask and my travel blanket. Ford Prefict had a perfectly valid point about traveling with a towel, except a blanket is more useful.

    It's getting late, Puppy Dog needs to be let out, and Drake playing on someone's car stereo got my attention. I will be laying my head down with a smile on my face to the places I'll soon be seeing.

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