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Crossing paths again

My, oh my. When we looked each other in the eye, it all came back to me. I had seen him around and didn't think much of him. I knew who he was and a little about him, and it was neutral. Then, we finally crossed paths. I made a lightly humorous and casual remark in passing, and he seemed surprised with what I said, but laughed and smiled, and--

It all came back to me. I know he's not That Person. All of that happened long ago, and it was a different time and place. It was long, long ago, when I met That Person, and I instantly knew something was there when I looked into his round, hazel eyes. I thought, 'uh oh,' and uh oh was right!

Way back when, way back in Eltown where I had lived, That Person and I had crossed paths many times but were literally a few minutes too early to late. We liked eating at the same places. We shopped at the same stores. Hell, we even hiked the same trails, or at least in adjoining parks. I considered getting an apartment across the street from where he worked. That Person and I finally crossed paths, and we had one of the most intense and whirlwind relationships I had ever had...

Oh, did we bare our souls to each other! There was nothing I didn't share or tell him. Everyone noticed we both were lit from the relationship. Hell, I was both bit and literally felt like I was on fire. It was remarked that we were an attractive couple. The passion and intellectual rapport was beautiful and amazing a the same time.

I noticed the resemblance between this new person and That Person, but I didn't think much of it. That was-- almost 20 years ago. That Person is now an assistant state attorney somewhere in the northeast. There's been no contact going back that far. It was too hard to let that one go and the only way was to completely set it free.

WTF, some of the guys I dated or got seriously involved with became some major chingones. Yeah, I like ambitious and accomplished guys, but I smirk that maybe I was a muse and inspired them to go further (heheheh, let me gloat for a moment here in this sidebar).

All I did was make this other guy laugh a little. He looked a preoccupied when I said something, and the laugh seemed to disarm him. I wasn't thinking of That Person from the past at all, but when our eyes met, I felt a charge roll through me. My heart throbbed, and I felt myself perspire a little. That Person was lean, about 6'0, with green eyes, light brown hair, and a nice tan. So does this other guy. I then felt embarrassed with myself. No way, I told myself, hell to the NO!

I then ran into him in the local coffee shop while I was in a hurry. I was able to pre-order my stuff, breeze into the pick-up counter, and breeze out, but our eyes met while I was on my way out (yep, his are hazel, too). I got hit with that throb again without thinking about it, but was able to smile and wave on my way out and back to my car. My heart rate was up for a few more minutes, and my thoughts were just blabbering in my head until they lost their velocity, and I was more my regular self again (but with a bigger smile, and I swore I felt a twinkle in my eye).

Thankfully, I will not have to interact with this guy a whole lot. I also know that he's married (and to a Latina, which makes me laugh because maybe he has a thing for us), and that's what puts the kebosh on all of this. Then, he's lives in my neighborhood and the last thing I want is to literally screw around in my own backyard.

I also need to remind my delusional tendencies to take a rest already. The chances are this is all on my end.

But wowwwww and damn... it sure felt good to get hit with that lovely, hot wave! To see someone who looked a lot like That Person and to be reminded all over again; it almost felt like he really was there!

It definitely says one thing to me. I can sure dig another person like that again in my life, but let him not be psycho and let him actually stick around...

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