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Telecommuting during the plague

I ate the apple turnover that Rafael left this weekend, and washed it down with a latte. It's just after 11 AM here, and my working remotely motivation is about as low as fuck all.

I'll admit that 2 weeks ago, I finally (though gradually) conquered my (home) nemesis. After College John visited, I was so happy that I finally was able to paint my second bedroom and cleared away some stuff. About 3 weeks ago, I finally ordered my coveted futon, and Rafa and I assembled it soon after I received it. My second bedroom looked less like an attic and more like a lived-in space, and then... we were ordered to work remotely.

My home office is starting to resemble my dorm in college. I actually came across my old posters from back then! I had laminated front pages of the local newspaper when University of the Rust Belt State won a hard-earned national championship (it was special for me because I followed the team from the time they were cellar dwellers and then they got badass as the players and coaches got more experience... and oh yeah, it was my dream since I was 8 years old to attend URBS). I also had a poster of Mr. Blonde from Reservoir Dogs; he was quite alluring in a rugged way before we found out he was sadistic. I laughed and laughed on that poster; guy friends either digged it (hey, she likes Tarantino!) or felt jealous by it (hmm, she likes that guy, I dunno...).

I then found a Mondrian print that I had back when I was in grad school. I was so happy to see that! I was gonna get one of an Amsterdam canal that Copperas had, but I changed my mind. The Mondrian will go in its place once I'm able to either mostly flatten it after being rolled up for so long, or get a frame.

So I work remotely. I'm doing plenty because I have a lot of continuing education to do for my now somewhat new position. I've been reading alot and quizzing myself, and anticipating what type of questions I may be asked so I can be ready to answer them. Ideally, once we get back (most likely in early May unless things change), I'll be ready to rock and roll (once the dust settles and everyone gets their bearings).

Puppy Dog approves of the futon and lays there or at my feet under my desk while I work. We do a lot of videoconferencing. She was feeling particularly social and flirty one morning, and hopped up on my lap so she could love on me in front of everyone
Maybe she knew others were watching because I was looking and talking into the work laptop, and she could hear other voices. The other participants smiled until it got a bit soppy! I set her on the futon behind me, and then she laid on her side and looked at the camera with big puppy eyes and rolled on her back all cute-like. Then came the chorus of 'awwww.' I always knew my dog was a bit of a charmer and had a flair for comedy, but I've never seen her do that!

I also have some articles to write and a super freaking tedious series of online modules to complete. Oh, I seriously hate online learning because I get minimal interaction most of the time I've participated, but in this case, I know that having this credential will look super-fab on my resume. So, I bite the bullet.

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