Cafe Hitch-hike



Wishing everyone a joyful time this holiday season. I also hope for those who need love, healing, compassion and kindness.

I am making the rounds in Texas. I visited the family and... we are in grief but I felt like my visit to them was a nice reminder of the living and life we have.

Wish I could say the same about the visit with my sister. She has been withdrawn from me for quite some time and I think others can see it. I decided to make my visit a little shorter and head back earlier. I think there's not enough room for 2 women in her space and I get it. Being viewed as a female threat is one of my talents.

Well, I spent it last year solo. I think I will probably make my visits during other times of the year instead and spend the holidays closer to home.

But, it is nice to visit.

I still wish for this whatever the fuck it is that makes a steel wall between me and others go down. Maybe it will this 2020 new year, or maybe I will finally embrace it and accept is as an enduring part of my disposition.


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