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All we can do is simply try

The local Colombian restaurant that serves the yummy tamals (a.k.a. hallacas) now serves Latin-style hot chocolate with them. Puppy Dog got to accompany me on the ride to the restaurant for the takeout and enjoyed the car ride and sunbathing. I decided to have a quiet day after bidding my goodbyes (temporary, I will add) to... Huck.

We weren't sure what to think about the last night and day Huck would be here. Of the day of, I woke up kind of grouchy and a little sad. Then, we sat on the patio where we were quiet for a moment. Once the coffee kicked in, we comfortably talked about current events, work, and even some heartfelt topics. It's one thing to get cerebral to avoid heavy talking or feelings (which is easy for him at times). Instead, we had a nice flow of thought and feeling. It didn't feel like we were avoiding anything, and were just having a usual morning coffee and conversation.

I guess I wasn't kidding about what I said when we get yanked out of our previous habitats, plunge into a new one for a little a while, and then we're not quite the same. On the last night he was here, Huck cheerfully told me his family liked the idea of having a permanent place in the area and are thinking about buying. They like the possibility and think it's viable. Huck then proudly showed me some new pieces of apparel he got that looked less NYC and more Floridian, yet really seemed to suit him well. He's described some other things he wanted to do to make the remote working and visits much easier, and for him to be able to do it more often.

I thought we were just going to have some sweet goodbyes, but I felt glad that there was more than that. Of course we'd miss each other, but we weren't teary over it (except quietly after we were intimate later that morning). We enjoyed the time and each other more than any other thought or worry in our heads.

I wouldn't had guessed he warmed up so much to things, especially enough to initiate a talk on buying. All of this, and how we were able to spend the last 3 days, is quite assuring to me.

Prognosis: see how this long-distance thing works. I won't actively date or intentionally pursue anyone new (I really hadn't been getting many instant attractions at all these past few years, hah!). Huck says dating or seeing others would be the last thing on his mind in the near future, but for myself, he said to just do what makes me happy. Hopefully things work, but all we can do is try.

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